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Dr Sunil Kapoor Bhopal

The chairman of RKDF University in Bhopal, Dr. Sunil Kapoor, is a man with dreams and vision. He is a versatile, dynamic and sincere person who believes in the nobility of his profession. Being in such a vital position as he is, he is dedicated to serve the educational need of the young people of the nation. He joined the medical profession in his early years of getting into the walk of life.  As an advocate of quality education himself, he has always been in favour of better education facilities and course structure for the youth of India.

Dr. Sunil Kapoor Bhopal

Serving the society through various ways is one of the most expected things from person who are in an influential position and Dr Kapoor respects this thought process. He believes that thinking for the society and progressing in career simultaneously are both vital elements of one’s life and thus, in all the roles that he had played as of now, he always tried to balance progress and humanity. He believes and showcases empathy, communication skills, patience, ability to understand the problem areas and a zest for learning something new and relevant in his field through his various job roles. Dr Sunil Kapoor believes and promotes the co-existence of humanity along with progress.

Education of Dr Kapoor

Not just an enthusiast of higher education, Dr Kapoor himself has been indulged in enhancing his skills and broadening his knowledge areas through various educational degrees. He is a Bachelor of Science and also has an MBBS degree. He is DCH and MIAP and has done MRSH from England. He has extended his knowledge through other degrees relevant to his job roles and these are PCMS, PGDBM in Finance and have done his PhD UK, Financial Management.

Thus, being able to serve in the education industry as a Chairman of RKDF University in Bhopal, is like a dream come true for Dr Sunil Kapoor. Through this role, he aims to serve intellectual services to the youth of the nation.

The various job roles and contribution of Dr Kapoor

Dr Kapoor, a supporter of education and creativity himself, has always promoted renewed ideas and innovation. With his “Out of the Box Strategies”, he never limited his learning, growth or thought process. He has always aimed at proposing and implementing new ideas with the help of which, he has grown a pathway for industries to incorporate new trends. As a follower of humanity, he always bagged opportunities to render his services selflessly. He served in different capacities in the State and Central Government level and proved his capabilities at every step.

Dr. Sunil Kapoor Bhopal

He has served as an honorary advisor to Educational Societies in Central India where he aided hundred educational institutes in Central Asia and contributed in capacity building of institute, development of knowledge resources and in developing leaders.

As a President of Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Dr Kapoor navigated the establishment of around 350 industrial units in a new Industrial estate near Bhopal with a focus on the betterment of industries.

Dr Kapoor had been the Chairman of Madhya Pradesh State Electronic Development Corporation Limited (MPSEDC) where he turned around the loss making unit of 18 years company into profit making healthy financial units and recovered all losses incurred in 18 years.

He has also served as a board member of Jute Corporation of India, Calcutta, where he organised strategic planning sessions for weak area analysis, motivating marketing department and implementing recovery strategies.

Dr Sunil Kapoor was given the responsibility of managing two units by Government of Madhya Pradesh. He was an in-charge in Finance and Audit committee and Personnel Committee and was associated in major decision making as a member of Prasar Bharti.

He also served as an advisor to Honourable Minister, Ministry of Water Resources and also as Chairman of Indo Japanese Venture between Fujitsu, Japan and Government of Madhya Pradesh. He has also been an honorary advisor to Total Diagnosis Ltd where he made Marketing strategies for increasing Referral doctors and initiate DNB Radiology course.

He has been a Vice chairman for All India Football Federation and a member of Central Advisory Board, Ministry of Labor, Government of India. He has also been the Chairman of Optel Telecommunications Limited, Government of Madhya Pradesh.

About RKDF Group

RKDF University in Bhopal is the part of RKDF group that has 6 universities, out of which 5 are in Madhya Pradesh and one in Jharkhand. There are two other universities to be started by the RKDF group, one being in Tripura and the other in Uttarakhand.

The universities cover mostly all streams from pre-primary up to PhD. There are many successful people from this group of university in the field of engineering, IT, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, humanities among others. It is worthy to note that RKDF group is the only group of university that offers maximum number of engineering seats in entire Central India.

RKDF Medical College in Bhopal, a part of the RKDF group, under the aegis of Dr Sunil Kapoor, had served the society very efficiently during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Over 150 doctors, nurses and interns had been actively involved in serving the country in times of crisis. Their lab was the only one providing COVID reports by PCR within six hours and is considered among the top three private labs in Bhopal. The hospital established its own Oxygen plant having a capacity of producing 165 Oxygen cylinders from natural air.

Thus, with the abled guidance of Dr Kapoor, the RKDF group has not only taken the level, opportunity and quality of education to greater heights but has also served the society in times of hardships and struggles.

The Vision

Success does not come easily, as it brings with it responsibility.  Dr Sunil Kapoor believes in this and thus has a vision to serve the youth of the nation with the best quality of education. He believes that the youth of the nation is its future and the only way of shaping this future most appropriately is through education. He wants to see the youth of India being able to prosper well in their career while never compromising with humanity. And just as he himself has consistently attempted to do justice to the job role and the people associated to it, he expects the same from the students of RKDF University.

The Mission

Providing education is not the be all and end all of everything. What is even more important is the quality of the education imparted. The fate of our nation lies in the hands of the young people of the country and consequently, providing them the right guidance and turning their capabilities into proper direction are significant. Thus, being in a vital role like this, Dr Kapoor has the mission to take education to maximum households and provide an extraordinary future to these youngsters and develop in them an attitude to never get bereft from their responsibilities and duties of humanity. Thus, Dr Sunil Kapoor aims to open new doors of opportunities for the students and professionals of the nation, while constantly serving the society.